How Contract-to-Direct Hiring Benefits Candidates

When you hear about contract-to-direct arrangements, you usually hear about how client companies use them to “test drive” candidates.

These arrangements give companies the chance to see a potential new hire “in action.” That way, they don’t have to just depend on the typical interview and hiring process to determine the right fit. They can evaluate a candidate’s skills and work ethic before making a direct hire commitment.

However, it’s not just companies that are nervous about new employment relationships. According to a number of different reports conducted in recent years, only about half of hires are confident in their decision to take a new job.

Contract-to-direct is in effect

A big reason for this uncertainty is that employers fail to paint a realistic picture of the job. Companies that provide “realistic job previews” typically have higher percentages of new hires who feel good about accepting the job offer.

Contract-to-direct arrangements are the ultimate realistic job previews. Candidates can try the job first and get a “behind-the-scenes” look at the company. That way, they can determine if it’s a cultural fit for them. And for those considering relocation, it allows them to try the geographic location, as well, before they sell their house and move their families.

Some may view contract-to-direct arrangements as just another hoop candidates have to jump through to get hired. But in reality, it’s an audition for both the candidate AND the company. It’s an audition to determine if they meet each other’s needs before they make the direct hire commitment.

By providing the contract-to-direct option to your clients and candidates, you can help both parties make a decision they can feel good about.

This is what becoming a sole-source provider is all about. You provide ALL of the solutions to your clients’ hiring problems. Then, they will always come to you when they have a need.

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