Why You Should Read The Pinnacle Every Week

There’s a simple reason why you should read The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog every week:

Because we publish every important announcement and important piece of information that we want to communicate to Network members in The Pinnacle.

If it’s important, then it’s in The Pinnacle. If it affects your Network membership, then it’s in The Pinnacle. And as you probably noticed most recently, if it affects Top Echelon overall, it’s also in The Pinnacle. (I’m sure you’re probably seeing a pattern here.)

Of course, you do not have to read every article and blog post word-for-word, from beginning to end. I know that is not realistic. However, all it takes is a few minutes to scan the headlines and then skim the articles for nuggets of information. In fact, it can probably be done in less than three minutes.

You receive a Pinnacle email every week. All you have to do is click the main button in the body of the email, the one that entices you to “READ THE ENTIRE ISSUE!” Clicking that link will open up a new browser tab with all of the articles from that week’s issue.

You don’t have to click back and forth to go between the articles. However, if you scan the headlines in the email and you only see one article of interest, simply click on the link to that article. You can read that one article and forget about the rest, if you so choose.

We’ve tried to make the Pinnacle email (and The Pinnacle) as user-friendly as we can. In fact, you can even access individual Pinnacle articles in the Network Dashboard Area of the TE software. They’re located on the right-hand side of the main page.

All of that being said, we want The Pinnacle to continue doing what we always intended it to do. Basically, that’s helping members of Top Echelon Network make more split placements with one another.

Below are five ways that The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog can help you make more splits:

#1—Best practices

Top Echelon Network has been in existence for more than 34 years. During that time, set patterns have emerged.

These patterns have less to do with emerging and evolving technology and more to do with how human beings like to interact with one another. The validity of these patterns and practices has been proven time and time again, which is why we stress them so much. They work!

#2—Case studies

One of the best ways to show how well our best practices work is to show how they’ve worked on other recruiters’ desks. It’s one thing to say why you should do something, but it’s quite another to show how another person benefited from doing that very thing.

It’s the “real world application” component that lends credence and credibility to what some recruiters might consider our “theoretical” best practices. The proof, as they say, is always in the pudding. (Who else is hungry for pudding now?)

#3—Success stories

When a recruiter implements the best practices of the Network and enjoys success, they could become part of a case study. If they enjoy success over an extended period of time, then they officially become a “success story.”

Once a recruiter reaches a certain point and they understand what it takes to excel in the Network, they continue to excel, often to the point when they’re ready to retire.

#4—Statistics and trends

Top Echelon collects a wide variety of statistics throughout the year. We publish these statistics periodically to inform Network members of trends that may be developing.

As you might expect, these trends revolve mainly around how members can make more placements (both split and non-split) and how they can experience more long-term success.

#5—Product and software development news

We’re continually thinking of new ways to help Network recruiters make more placements. Those ways often result in new and/or improved product offerings.

One example is the Network Candidates sourcing tool, which allows members to tap into an additional six million resumes in the databases of other Network recruiters.

I want to thank you for reading The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog and for being a Network member. Just remember: The Pinnacle is the number-one way in which we communicate with you.

So read it! (Or scan it . . . or skim it . . . you get the idea.)

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