Haley Marketing’s Sessions for the Fall Conference

Okay, by now you should know about the dates of the 2019 Top Echelon Fall Conference. You should also know that Early Bird Registration for the Fall Conference is already underway.

And you might even know that a representative from the Haley Marketing Group will be the keynote speaker at the conference. But even if you know all of that, I’m here with new information.

That new information involves the name of the Haley Marketing representative who will be on hand at the conference, as well as the sessions that he will be conducting.

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Haley Marketing representative: Aaron Eastlack
Title: Social Media Marketing Advisor

Aaron Eastlack is a Social Media Marketing Advisor at Haley Marketing Group, the nation’s largest marketing firm dedicated to servicing the staffing and recruiting industry. As a social media consultant and marketing coach, Aaron works with recruiters and staffing companies to align their values, business goals and marketing initiatives. With a focus on affordable, sustainable and results-drive digital marketing tactics, he partners with local firms as well as national brands to bring their goals into focus and target the best strategies to reach and exceed them.

Aaron is a frequent contributor to Haley Marketing’s educational blog and is focused on refining integrated digital marketing plans for businesses that will help them best reach their goals.

— — —

Date: Tuesday, October 22
Session Title: “Positioning 101: Make Your Recruiting Agency Stand Out”

Here are a few of the most common (and overused) positioning messages in the recruiting industry. Such as:

  • “Our service is better.”
  • “We take time to ask the right questions.”
  • “We dig deeper to find the right fit candidates.”

In recruiting, differentiation is hard…really hard. But it is not impossible, especially if you start with the right framework for developing your messaging. This session will teach you how to best convey what makes your staffing firm different than all the others to your clients and candidates.

— — —

Date: Tuesday, October 22
Session Title: “Marketing Smart: Strategic and Measurable”

Is your staffing company’s marketing STRATEGIC, MEASURABLE and based on ANALYTICS?

In recruiting, great marketing isn’t about spending more…it’s about getting more ROI from the money you spend. In this session, we’ll look at the big trends going on in marketing, and we’ll show you what they mean for recruiting agencies.

Buckle up…and get ready for lots of ideas to dominate the web, differentiate your services, radically improve your recruiting, and fill more of your open job orders. In this session you’ll learn:

  • 5 essential upgrades for your website
  • 6 trends in SEO . . . and one thing you MUST start doing
  • 7 strategies to make your content marketing work better
  • The latest insights on using social media for sales and recruiting

— — —

Date: Wednesday, October 23
Session Title: “6 Essentials for Engineering a Complete Lead-Gen Strategy”

Leads are the lifeline for many businesses. In the recruiting and staffing space, we live and breathe leads.

The problem for 2019 (and near future): How do we generate job orders with new and reactivated clients, when many businesses are hiring at the same time we are experiencing a severe talent shortage across almost every industry and skill level?

The solution: You – learning to, and being, strategically agile in your lead gen strategies – complemented by a strong brand.

Whether your goal is to pull in leads on your sales side or pulling in the right leads that convert into great placements there are some effective ways to bring them in.

So, what do we need to pull together a solid and cohesive lead gen strategy? Find out in this session.

— — —

How and where to register

Now . . . how can you register for the Fall Conference? Once again, we have a special website for conference registration. Click here to visit that website, which contains the following information:

  • The preliminary agenda
  • A link to register for the conference
  • A link to book your room at the Sheraton O’Hare Suites

Or, if you want to “cut right to the chase,” you can click the link below to register for the Fall Conference:

Yes, I want to register!

It’s a proven fact that attending our events helps recruiters enjoy more success as members of Top Echelon’s split network. This event will be no different. I can promise you that there will be sessions and activities specifically designed to help increase your billings. And I don’t mean just your TE billings. I mean your overall billings, as well.

So sign up, save some money, and make some placements!

We look forward to seeing you in Chicago!

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