Greg Doersching on The Recruiting Report Podcast!

We recently announced that Top Echelon is producing its own podcast. That podcast is called “The Recruiting Report.”

While the podcast is still in its infancy, we’re pleased to announce that industry trainer Greg Doersching, President of Next Level Coaching, was recently a guest on our show! Greg, as many of you know, is also glad to offer his opinions, expertise, and unique point of view to any topic, especially if that topic deals with recruiting.

During this latest episode of the show, Greg discussed the following topics (among others):

  • His experience as a recruiter during the COVID-19 pandemic last year
  • The conversations that recruiters should be having with their clients
  • The conversations that recruiters should be having with candidates
  • Why some search consultants believe that other recruiters pose the biggest threat to the profession
  • The attitude, approach, and mindset that recruiters must have, not only in this current market, but all the time!

Click HERE to listen to this episode of “The Recruiting Report” podcast!

As a reminder, “The Recruiting Report” is a podcast devoted to ALL things recruiting. In addition to market analysis and discussion regarding trends and emerging developments in the recruiting industry and profession, we will also be interviewing top trainers and other thought leaders.

If you have any suggestions for content or topics of discussion for our podcast, please send them to

And of course, remember . . . always be recruiting!

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