FREE Webinar: ‘3 Ways Recruiters Can Harness AI’

Top Echelon is pleased to announce yet another integration for its applicant tracking system!

This one is with Quil, an artificial intelligence (AI) tool that transcribes and summarizes conversations, extracts relevant information, and categorizes notes.

With the integration between Top Echelon’s ATS and Quil, TE users can deliver this information directly into their database as Activities, thereby streamlining the screening process.

And now we’re doubly pleased to announce that there is a FREE upcoming webinar that will explain all of this and more!

I have listed the pertinent information regarding this webinar below . . .

— — —

Title: “Mastering Recruitment in 2024: 3 Ways Recruiters Can Harness AI with Quil and Top Echelon Integration”

Date and Time: Tuesday, June 20, at 1 p.m., Eastern Time

Length: 40 minutes (with Q&A)



Learn how cutting-edge AI technologies are revolutionizing the recruitment landscape, streamlining processes, enhancing candidate experiences, and driving organizational success.

Key Points:

  • Automating notes for different interview types (online, in-person, VOIP) – Note-taking might feel like a drag, but it’s crucial during interviews. While you can’t skip it, you can master automation like a pro, ensuring seamless engagement with your candidates.
  • Religiously updating ATS and maintaining ATS hygiene – Discover how to streamline ATS updates while ensuring data hygiene with efficient strategies and tools.
  • The subtle art of crafting follow-up material like submittals and job descriptions – Master the art of crafting effective follow-up material, including submittals and job descriptions, with expert insights and practical tips!
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Register for this FREE webinar!

And believe it or not, you don’t have to wait until next month to find out more about Top Echelon’s integration with Quil. That’s because you can book a demo right now!

So do it . . . book a demo . . . attend the upcoming webinar . . . and squeeze every ounce of productivity and value out of AI that you possibly can.

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