How You Can Earn a FREE Month of Membership

How can you earn a free month of membership in Top Echelon’s recruiting network? The same way you can earn two free months. Or three. Or four.

By referring other recruiting agencies for Network membership! Last year, we made two important changes to the Top Echelon Network Referral Program:

  1. We increased the dollar amount of the referral fee from $100 to $130 (to match the cost of one month of Network membership.)
  2. Instead of waiting two months to credit the referring agency’s TE account $130, we now credit the agency’s account immediately.

We’re carrying those changes into the New Year. That means we still want your referrals! Two more Network agencies recently earned referral fees. Listed below are the names of those two agencies and their referrals.

—John Ricciardi of Afton Consulting Group joined Top Echelon Network on November 6, 2017.
—Current member Philip Bartfield of Analytic Search referred John and Afton Consulting Group.
—We credited Analytic Search’s monthly invoice a total of $130!

—Mark Thorne of Interface Staffing joined Top Echelon Network on December 7, 2017.
—Current member Steve Stern of Prism Search Partners referred Mark and Interface Staffing
—We credited Interface Staffing’s monthly invoice a total of $130!

Since that’s out of the way, let’s cover the rest of the ground rules for the Top Echelon Network Referral Program.

Free . . . but there’s still a brokerage fee

Don’t forget to read the small print. Actually, this print is exactly the same size as the print above. So this shouldn’t be a problem, should it?

  • There’s no limit to the number of referrals that you can give us. For instance, let’s say you submit 12 referrals that become members. Then essentially your split network membership dues for one year will be paid.
  • If you’re the main contact for your firm, we will credit your agency’s account $130. On the other hand, if you’re NOT the main contact for your firm, then we will credit the account of the Network agency for which you work $130.
  • When we say a “free month of membership,” that does not include the brokerage fee. If you refer somebody and you make a split placement during the same month that we credit your agency’s account $130, your agency still owes a brokerage fee for that split. (That should go without saying . . . but I’m saying it anyway. Because I’m Drea.)
  • The referral fee for the Big Biller recruiting software and Top Echelon Contracting is still $100.

And to make it even easier for you, we have a special page where you can submit your referral information. Below is a link to that special page.

Click HERE to submit your Network referrals!

We’d like to congratulate Afton Consulting Group and Interfact Staffing on becoming members of the Top Echelon recruiter network. We’d also like to congratulate Analytic Search and Prism Search Partners on earning referral fees.

The New Year is almost here. So start sending in those referrals and score yourself a free month of Network membership. Do everything you can to make 2018 the best year it can be!

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