The Foundation of a Great Split Partner Relationship

Every relationship needs a great foundation in order to succeed. It doesn’t matter what kind of relationship it might be.

It could be the one you have with your parents. Or your children. Or maybe even your spouse. If that relationship has a great foundation, then it’s more likely to flourish and be successful.

And the split partner relationships that you have in Top Echelon’s recruiter network are NO different.

The split placements that Top Echelon Network members make with one another represent examples of that foundation. That’s because you can clearly see why the split partner relationship works.

This formula can be summed up as follows:

The recruiters involved took the time to learn about their partner, how they work, and what they needed.

Let’s break that formula down, shall we?

#1—Take the time.

Success in a split network like Top Echelon requires an investment of time. (It also requires an investment of energy, but that doesn’t speak specifically to this point.)

There’s no way around the fact that your Network membership is an investment in your recruiting desk and your agency. Top Echelon Network is not a “magic money-making machine.”

#2—Learn about your split partner.

There are many things about which you must learn. These things include your partner’s background, their business, and in some cases, even their family, hobbies, and personal pursuits.

You can become friends with your split partners, you know. It’s happened before.

#3—Learn how your partner works.

As you well know, not everybody works their recruiting desk the same way. In fact, recruiting desks are like snowflakes: no two desks are exactly alike.

As a result, you must find out some things. What is your partner’s recruiting process like? What is their preferred method of doing things?

#4—Learn what your partner needs.

What they need might depend upon whether they are an importer or an exporter in the Network. What do they need in the candidates that you present? What details do they need about the job?

Even if this is the only thing that you really figure out about your split partners, you can still be successful and make placements with them.

Are you looking for a better foundation for your Top Echelon recruiting network membership? That’s the first step. The second step is contacting Director of Network Operations Drea Codispoti, CPC/CERS.

You can do so by calling 330.595.1742 or by sending an email to

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