Early Bird Deadline for the Convention: February 17!

The Early Bird Registration deadline for the 2017 National Convention is coming! The Early Bird Registration deadline for the 2017 National Convention is coming!

Not exactly Paul Revere, but you get my point.

Specifically, the Early Bird deadline for the convention is Friday, February 17. (Yes, that’s this coming Friday.)

Meet the deadline, save $70

That means if you sign up between now and Friday, you can take advantage of the special Early Bird rate of $395 per person. If you wait until after Friday, the price goes up to $465 per person. Why wait? Save $70 and take that money with you to Orlando.

Why Orlando? Because that’s the site of the National Convention, of course! Below is other important information regarding the event:

We’re also pleased to announce that we have the descriptions for all three of the sessions that Jordan will be presenting. The titles and descriptions of those sessions are below:

Riding the Wave . . . and Getting Back to the Top

The longer we’re in this business, the easier it should become. However, some big billers fall victim to achieving a certain level of success, hitting a high billing mark, and then falling off the wagon, whether due to burnout or other factors. The truth is that most top producers stop doing the things that made them successful in the first place! Join Jordan Rayboy as he shares his journey back to the top of the wave and how you can learn from his mistakes and successes to keep your billings at a consistently high level.

— — —

The Power of Leverage: a Blueprint for Full-Desk Recruiters to Multiple Their Billings and Freedom

The problem with being a top producer in our business is that everything that got you where you are is exactly what will keep you from getting where you want to go. (Think about that one.) In this session, Jordan Rayboy takes you along the growth path from producer to leader and how you too can scale your team, your billings, and your lifestyle to new heights previously unimaginable on your own.

— — —

You Get What You Tolerate

Having trouble with candidates? Having trouble with clients? Who among us isn’t? But do you have to take it? In this no-frills session, Jordan Rayboy will set the record straight and show that you’re in control of more than you think. You CAN avoid some of the misery that you deal with on a regular basis!

— — —

Remember, you can register for the 2017 National Convention with a credit card in the Members’ Area. The convention represents a recruiter networking opportunity that can help you maximize your Network membership and grow your firm this year. You don’t know who you might meet, whose job orders you can work, and whose candidates you can place.

There are split placements waiting for you in Orlando. All you have to do is sign up for the convention and find them there!

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