Drea Codispoti Has Sent You a Personalized Video Invitation!

You might think that sending a personalized video message to over 400 recruiting firm owners is too crazy even for Top Echelon Director of Network Operations Drea Codispoti . . . if so, then you’d be WRONG!

The man who once did a snow angel in shorts and a T-shirt in subzero temperatures has sent a video message to every firm owner in the Network.

However, Drea didn’t send the SAME video 400 times.  He recorded personalized videos . . . yes, 400 different videos.  In these videos, he addressed the firm owners on an individual basis and made a personal appeal to raise awareness about the upcoming Fall Conference.

Now, the video below is a “model” Fall Conference video invitation.  This means Drea recorded yet another video, and in this one, he explains his rationale and motivation for embarking upon such an ambitious endeavor.

If you can’t find Drea’s video in your email inbox, we recommend that you do one (or both) of the following things:

#1. Look in your spam and/or junk folder for the video.
#2. Go to your Recruiter Profile inside Top Echelon Network, and you should see the email in your “Completed Activity.”  Click “email” on the left side of the Activity, and you’ll see the link in the email text.

As we’ve mentioned before, this year’s Fall Conference will be held at the Sheraton Suites O’Hare in Chicago on Tuesday, September 22, and Wednesday, September 23.

You can sign up for the Fall Conference in the Members’ Area at the low Early Bird Registration price of $199 per person.  Early Bird Registration ends on August 30.

So watch your personalized video invitation and make plans to join us in Chicago this September!  (And never underestimate the power of Crazy-spoti.)

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