Donna Carroll and Gary Silver: 45 Split Placements!

Throughout the over 25 years of Top Echelon Network’s existence, there have been some Trading Partner relationships that could be considered “Hall of Fame” material.

However, perhaps none of them can match Donna Carroll, CPC of Systems Personnel and Gary Silver of The Shay Group in terms of both longevity and productivity.

Carroll and Silver are stellar Network recruiters on an individual basis.  Carroll, who been a Preferred Member since 1994, has made 126 placements in Top Echelon.

Silver, meanwhile, has been a Preferred Member since 1992. He’s made 230 placements in Top Echelon, one of the highest totals in Network history.

Together, Carroll and Silver have made 45 split placements in Top Echelon Network, the highest total between two Preferred Member recruiters since Top Echelon was founded.  In addition, to reach that total, Carroll and Silver have made not only direct hire placements, but they’ve also made contract placements, as well.

How have they done it?  By relying on the Four Pillars of the Network, specifically Communication and Trust.

However, that analysis is just the “tip of the iceberg,” so to speak.  We went right to the sources (or sources) and asked Carroll and Silver what the keys have been to their successful Trading Partner relationship down through the years.

This is what they said:

— — —
“I believe the reason cited for our split placements (regular communication) is exactly the reason our trading partnership works so well.  Not only do we share all details regarding our searches and candidates, we also involve one another in our client relationships.  Gary and I have often introduced one another to our clients and included the other on conference calls with our clients.

“Obviously, this approach allows us to know as much as possible about our respective searches; but it also demonstrates to our clients that we have a team of highly qualified recruiters working on their behalf.  This level of trust comes from years of cooperative work and understanding each other’s business philosophy.  It also enables us to be a sounding board for the other when we need a second opinion or some advice on how to handle a particular situation.

“Were it not for our regular communication over the years, we would not have developed this level of trust that is the root of our success together.”

Submitted by Donna Carroll, CPC of Systems Personnel regarding her Trading Partner relationship with Gary Silver of The Shay Group


— — —
“To be good partners, we developed a solid foundation of trust.  We listen to each other regarding the requirements of the searches we work to fill, along with, of course, the subtleties and nuances that come up in the placement dance.

“And like a prescription, we communicate on an as needed basis.  All that being said–we are genuinely mindful of each other’s best interest, on an equal measure with our own.”

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