‘Comments’ and Compliments: Don Hunter Retirement Edition

Welcome to a special edition of “‘Comments’ and Compliments,” one that commemorates the retirement of Preferred Member Don Hunter of Bay Resource Group.  Hunter was part of a special Core Group within Top Echelon Network by the name of the “CORE-upt Group.”  Hunter’s retirement was effective on June 30, and he went out with a bang, as evidenced by the recent split placement he made with fellow “CORE-upt Group” member Bob Gabor of The Gabor Group.  As a result, Gabor was compelled to give Hunter a proper “CORE-upt Group” send-off (see below).

We’re very pleased that our Members take the time to compliment one another–even if the compliments are back-handed–and we look forward to similar comments in the future.  If you have comments for a Trading Partner regarding a split placement, please email those comments to marketing@TopEchelon.com.

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Bob GaborDon Hunter“Don, this is apparently our last placement together.  You may be retiring, but you’re not getting out.  There is only way out, and Guido won’t handle the job.  Apparently, you’ve had dealings with thim in the past and know where all the bodies are buried.  So enjoy a long and peaceful retirement, and always remember: you may be getting out of TE, but the CORE-upt group isn’t letting you go that easily.  That is a lifetime membership with only one way out!  Good luck, my friend, and we will stay in touch.”

Submitted by Bob Gabor of The Gabor Group regarding his split placement with Don Hunter of Bay Resource Group

Position Title–Warehouse Supervisor
Starting Annual Salary–$48,000
Total fee–$12,000
Fee Percentage–25%

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