Charting the Future of The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog

The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog has been published—in one form or another—for as long as Top Echelon Network has been in existence: nearly 27 years, to be exact.

Along the way, it’s changed and evolved to where it is today.  However, as you know, the only thing that’s constant is change.  With that in mind, I’d like to announce some changes to the The Pinnacle going forward.

Specifically, information and announcements that can already be accessed within the Top Echelon Network software, specifically the Members’ Area, will no longer be published in the newsletter.  This applies to the following things, among others:

  • New Preferred Member recruiting firms
  • Recruiting firms applying for Membership
  • The Virtual Core Group teleconference call schedule
  • Recent split placements between Network recruiters

Now, I understand that recruiters enjoy seeing their placements published.  That’s why we made a change to the Members’ Area.  You can now see all recent Network split placements and corresponding fees, along with not only the name and firm name of the recruiters involved, but their photos, as well.  (You can also view the offers accepted by clicking on the appropriate tab.)

Screenshot of split placements

Click here to view recent split placements in the Members’ Area!

So—what WILL be published in The Pinnacle?  I’m glad you asked.  Below is a sampling of that content:

  • Recruiters complimenting one another for placements made (still one of the most popular features in the newsletter)
  • Success stories regarding Network recruiters
  • Exemplary examples of Trading Partner relationships
  • Milestones achieved by Network recruiters
  • Blog posts about networking and maximizing your Network Membership
  • Blog posts about Network recruiters meeting and networking face-to-face
  • Network statistics and trends
  • Blog posts about contract staffing

One more thing: we’ll be communicating with you in different ways starting in 2015, not just in The Pinnacle.  These ways include the following:

  • More announcements and items in the news section (also located in the Members’ Area)
  • Announcements and news items in the Discussion Forum (it’s a captive audience, after all)
  • Emails regarding special announcements and items of interest

This past year was a good one for the recruiters in Top Echelon Network, and we’re looking forward to an even better year in 2015.  We’re committed to your success as Network recruiters, and we’re going to do everything we can to continue ensuring that success.

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