Celebrate Drea’s B-Day with a New Feature Release Party on March 17!

We’re bringing back Training Tuesday for members of Top Echelon’s recruiter network!

Obviously, we already conduct Training Tuesday webinars for the Big Biller recruiting software on the first Tuesday of every month. And then, of course, we offer webinars as part of our Expert Recruiter Coaching Series, which are scheduled for the second Tuesday of every month.

As for our Top Echelon Network Training Tuesday webinars? In the past, we’ve offered those on the third Tuesday of each month. Not only do we have just such a Tuesday coming up, but we also happen to be releasing a new feature in the Network software!

So what we have is a perfect storm of situations and circumstances, especially in light of the considerable significance of the third Tuesday of the month of March. That significance, plus more information about this FREE webinar session, is included below.

Webinar Title: “Drea’s St. Paddy’s Day/Birthday Activity Detail Sharing Feature Release Party!”

Live Webinar Date: March 17, 2020

Webinar Description:

Top Echelon is pleased to announce our next Network feature release and corresponding Top Echelon Network Training Tuesday webinar . . . on St. Patrick’s Day . . . which also happens to be the birthday of one Andreas Codispoti.

Drea is the Director of Network Operations at Top Echelon, and during this FREE webinar session, he will shed light on Searching and Alerts in Network Jobs, as well as demonstrate the latest update to the software, Activity Detail Sharing. This new feature will allow you to share the following with your Network trading partners:

  • Activity Type
  • Subject
  • The details of “what happened” in regards to your actions with their candidate

And as an added special holiday birthday bonus, Drea will also discuss the Network tools and features that are on the horizon and what they will mean for your recruiting desk and agency. So join us on March 17 for “Drea’s Birthday/St. Paddy’s Day Activity Detail Sharing Feature Release Party!”

Webinar Length: Approximately 20 minutes

Register for this Training Tuesday webinar!

If you have any questions about this webinar, call Top Echelon at 888.627.3678.

Remember, Top Echelon provides free training on the first and fourth Tuesdays of every month. Plus, we have Recruiter Coaching Series webinars on the second Tuesday of each month.

And we also have videos of previous Recruiter Coaching Series webinars.

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