Announcing Changes to the Top Echelon Network Policies, Part 3

Mark DemareeFrom time to time, we at Top Echelon make changes and revisions to the official Network Policies.  Most of the time, these changes are small, but every once in a while, there’s a bigger one that needs to be made. According to the Policy Handbook, once changes are made to the Policies, we announce those changes in The Pinnacle newsletter, the News Section of the Members’ Area, or both.

Consequently, we’re running a series of articles in The Pinnacle detailing the recent revisions that we’ve made to the Policies.  As I stated, the vast majority of changes are small in nature.  The two policy revisions we’re announcing this week pertain to Policy #14 and Policy #17.

Below are the specific changes that were made to these policies:

Policy #14: “Advertising another Top Echelon Network Member’s Job Order”—The theme of the policy is not changing.  You are still not permitted to “advertise” a Top Echelon Network Member’s job order on the Internet or through any other advertising medium without first getting their written permission to do so.

The revision of the policy pertains to the paragraph that deals with Top Echelon advertising your job orders on the Internet and the verbiage we used (“Advertise Job Order on the Internet”) to signify this service.  Since Top Echelon no longer post Members’ job to the Internet on a contingency basis (as of May 20, 2010), we are removing this paragraph.

Policy #17: “How Top Echelon Network Handles “John Doe” Candidates”—Under the section “Spirit of This Policy,” in Rule #1 and #2, there was verbiage that dealt with older versions of our software and service.  We are removing, “NOTE: Members using the software have the option to receive John Doe candidate profiles in their software at their discretion,” and “Top Echelon Network does not permit hardcopy resumes to accompany John Doe profiles.  This “rule” by itself makes John Doe candidates less desirable than candidates accompnied with full contact information and a resume.

With the publication of these changes in The Pinnacle newsletter, the changes are now official.  Please keep in mind that revisions to other Top Echelon Network Policies will be published in the future.

If you have any questions about the changes in this week’s issue, you can contact me at (330) 455-1433, Ext. 172 or via email at

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