Announcing Changes to the Top Echelon Network Policies, Part 2

Mark DemareeAs I wrote in last week’s issue of The Pinnacle, we made changes and revisions to the Top Echelon Network policies from time to time.  In that issue, I discussed the changes that were made to Policy #2b and Policy #2c.  We plan to continue publishing announcements regarding Policy changes in The Pinnacle.  According to the Policy Handbook, once changes are made to the Policies, we announce those changes in The Pinnacle newsletter, the News Section of the Members’ Area, or both.

The Policy that I’m going to address in this issue is Policy #5, which deals with the Complaint Procedure, which is implemented when there is a dispute between Top Echelon Network Preferred Members.  There are two main changes that were made to this policy:

Change #1—We eliminated all references to Affiliate Members and Affiliate Membership.  That level of Membership no longer exists within Top Echelon Network, so it made sense to remove it from the Policies.

Change #2—We changed the cost incurred by Preferred Members who insist that their dispute be heard by the Top Echelon Network Ethics Advisory Board (EAB).  Previously, the cost was $750 (payable in advance) by the recruiter making the request.  Of that $750, the three EAB volunteers each received $200 for their time, and Top Echelon Network kept $150 for its time.  Those prices are now $1,500; $400; and $300.

While doubling the price across the board may seem like a bit much, keep in mind that the price hasn’t been adjusted since the Policy was created in 1994.  Inflation has gone up quite a bit in 16 years.

With the publication of these changes in The Pinnacle newsletter, the changes are now official.  If you have any questions about the changes in this week’s issue, you can contact me at (330) 455-1433, Ext. 172 or via email at

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