‘Anatomy of a Split Placement’: Roni Snyder and Bob Ferris

Welcome to our “Anatomy of a Split Placement” feature in The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog, one that focuses on recent split placements made through the Network.  Here’s the format: the information for each split placement will be presented, and then the split placement will be analyzed.  More specifically, the factors that led to the making of the split placement will be addressed, because once you make one split placement, you want to make another . . . and another . . . and then another . . .

Job Order Recruiter—Veronica (Roni) Snyder of Career Professionals, Inc.
Candidate Recruiter—Bob Ferris of Ferris & Associates, LLC
Position Title—Senior Software Engineer
Fee Percentage—25%

Roni’s take on this split placement:

Veronica (Roni) Snyder“I never could have filled this position without Bob’s help.  The IT world is a foreign place for me, and I can’t speak the language very well!  Bob saw my job posting on Top Echelon, then called me to see if he could assist.  I sent Bob all of the information I had on the company and the job, and he immediately got to work.  The best part was that when Bob sent me a candidate, he had thoroughly screened them.  In addition to the resume, Bob let me know exactly why he thought the candidate was a fit.  Bob is currently helping me with another job search for the same client, this time searching for an EE to design analog and digital circuits.”

Bob’s take on this split placement:

Bob Ferris“I am a exporter of Information Technology talent and have only worked the exporter side for more than 10 years after firing all my firms with the ‘HR gate keepers.’  I really enjoy working with Roni because she immediately jumps on the candidate and gets them presented to her client quickly, and she follows up on the candidate and the job order with any changes.  Her follow-up is in the top 10% of all recruiters, and it makes it a pleasure to work with her.  She fully lets me know about her client and all their hot buttons; then I know exactly what she’s looking for.  There is NO fishing with Roni.  She knows exactly what the company is looking for.  A fault with too many recruiters is their lack of what the company is really looking for and very poor follow-up on the candidate submittal.  Roni and I are now actively working together on another tough search for the same company.  Our work process to gain the placement is how every successful partnership should work.”

Factors contributing to this split placement:

Communication—Funny how this Pillar of the Network seems to be involved in just about every split placement made in the Network.  In this instance, Roni doesn’t know much about the world of Information Technology, but Bob’s extensive knowledge, plus his ability to communicate that knowledge, made a big difference.  In addition, Roni communicated exactly what the company needed in a candidate to Bob, and that communication allowed Bob to provide her with a candidate that resulted in a split placement.

Quality—This is in reference to another Pillar of the Network.  Bob thoroughly screened and qualified the candidate before sending them to Roni.  (In other words, he didn’t just send a resume . . . he sent a candidate instead.  There IS a difference.)  For Roni’s part, she provided exemplary follow-up, which set Bob’s mind at ease and made the whole split placement process faster, more enjoyable, and ultimately, successful.

If you’ve made a recent split placement that you’d like to see highlighted in The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog, please email the details to marketing@TopEchelon.com.  We’d like to see your split placement in an upcoming issue!

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