Adel-Lawrence Associates on Forbes List of Top Firms!

Larry Radzely of Adel-Lawrence Associates, Inc. is the Recruiter of the Week! However, it’s NOT just because he’s:

  • Been a recruiter since 1985.
  • Been a member of Top Echelon’s recruiting network since 1991.
  • Made 74 Network placements during his time as a TE member.

Adel-Lawrence: “under the radar” no more

Not only that, but Adel-Lawrence Associates has also been responsible for 107 placements as a firm. That puts the agency in elite TE company.

However, we’re making Larry the Recruiter of the Week for yet one more reason. Drum roll, please . . .

Adel-Lawrence Associates was recently named one of “America’s Best Professional Recruiting Firms” by Forbes magazine!

The firm is #232 on the list. Click here to see the list in its entirety.

Meanwhile, we asked Larry to say a few words about his firm’s accomplishment. He was gracious enough to provide the statement below:

— — —

In a TE profile several years ago, I was referred to as the “recruiter who keeps flying under the radar.” It appeared that most TE members did not know us even though we did several splits a year. I was truly surprised when a colleague called the other day to congratulate me for the recognition Adel Lawrence Associates (ALA) had received, and was honored to learn that we had been included in the Forbes 2017 list of Best Professional Recruiting Firms. In an industry as competitive as ours, it is nice to be noticed and recognized for our efforts.

The recruiting field has changed and evolved since ALA was established in 1988. The birth of the Internet and the changing economy, as well as new recruiting disciplines, are just a few of the advances we have experienced over the years. One way I was able to adapt to the changing climate was by focusing on new recruiting disciplines. I was also fortunate to have the support of the TE Network not only to assist in locating qualified people, but to provide qualified candidates to my networking partners. Whether the best candidate comes from our own search efforts or from a networking affiliate, it is a win-win situation for everyone. At ALA, we have a solid daily routine; provide first-class service to our partners, candidates, and employers; and always take pride in the work we do.

I truly enjoy working in the staffing industry and hope to continue providing outstanding services in the years to come. As a staffing professional, I have the ability to do my job from almost anywhere and am still be able to meet the needs of our client companies and candidates. As all recruiters are learning, there is nothing more fun or rewarding than this!

— — —

We want to both congratulate Larry and thank him. We want to thank him for his commitment Top Echelon Network and split placements. In addition, we want to thank him for being a model TE member and for upholding The Four Pillars of the Network. Those Pillars are:

  1. Quality
  2. Communication
  3. Trust
  4. Active Participation

Larry Radzely embodies everything that we look for in a Top Echelon Network recruiter. We’re pleased to announce his firm’s achievement and the fact that he’s been rewarded for superior service and exemplary performance. Congratulations, Larry!

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