70 Split Placements Later . . . a New Network Trading Partner!

Brenda Wylie BiggsThere is unlimited growth potential in Top Echelon Network.  How do we know this?  There are examples of it all the time.

Take, for instance, the recent split placement between Bob Long of Executive Personnel Services and Brenda Wylie-Biggs of KB Search Team, LLC.

Wylie-Biggs has been very successful in the Network, having made 70 split placements since becoming a Preferred Member.  She has forged Trading Partner relationships with many recruiters along the way, and she has continued to work and make split placements with them.  You would think, that after all that time and that many split placements, that Wylie-Biggs would have as many Trading Partner relationships as she’s going to have in the Network.

But that’s not the case.  She forged a new relationship with another recruiter, and that relationship resulted in yet another split placement.

That recruiter was Long, who works in the Accounting industry.  Wylie-Biggs, on the other hand, works in a variety of different industries, including Engineering, Manufacturing, & Production.  So when she received a job order for an Accounting Manager from one of her clients, she knew she would need help filling it. So she posted it to the Network.

Long saw the job order in the Split Jobs Database and contacted Wylie-Biggs about it.

Bob Long“He was working on a similar search on his own, so he had already done a lot of cold calling for candidates,” said Wylie-Biggs.  “So he was actually already surfacing candidates.  He called and asked me what the key points were.  He dove in and qualified the job order to make sure that it was a good, solid search and not wasting his time.  Then every time he sent me a candidate, he followed up to discuss that candidate.”

According to Wylie-Biggs, Long was a true partner in the placement process.  He adhered to Top Echelon Network Pillars of Quality, Communication, and Trust throughout the process, and the result was a placement that Wylie-Biggs may not have made otherwise.

“Everything was high quality on Bob’s end,” she said.  “He knows his stuff and he knows the financial world.  I’ll definitely work with Bob in the future.  It was a win-win-win for everybody—for me, for Bob, and for Top Echelon.”

“Without his help, this placement would not have happened.  The process was very smooth.  Bob is a great recruiter and a great Trading Partner.”

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