6 Questions to Identify Your Top TE Trading Partners

How much money did you bill through Top Echelon’s recruiting network in 2020? Who were your top trading partners during the year?

Whoa, whoa . . . I know. One question at a time. But first, a little back-story on these questions.

Based on past Network polls and surveys, the “sweet spot” for TE members when it comes to billing through the Network has been anywhere from $10K to $50K per year. In other words, approximately 50% of the TE members who responded to our polls and surveys billed that much through the Network on an annual basis.

Okay, now back to our questions . . .

How much did YOU bill through our split fee recruiting network in 2020? Do you want to bill more through the Network? (Don’t be silly. Of course you do.)

To do so, there are some questions that you should ask. Which questions? I’m glad you asked!

Below are 6 questions for identifying your top trading partners:

1. If you made multiple split placements in 2020, with which trading partners did you make the most splits?

2. If you didn’t make any split placements this year, did you come close, and with which trading partners did you do so?

3. With which trading partners did you enjoy working the most?

4. With which trading partners do you have the most in common?

5. Which of your trading partners work their desk in a similar fashion as you?

6. Which of your trading partners adheres most closely to The Four Pillars of Top Echelon NetworkQuality, Communication, Trust, and Active Participation?

Once you’ve identified your top split recruiting partners for 2021, put together a plan for working with them more consistently and more efficiently.

Because they could very well hold the key to helping you enjoy your best year ever in Top Echelon Network!

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