Top 5 Ways to Approach Network Membership

Over the years in the pages of The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog, we’ve told countless stories and relayed a number of case studies about recruiters who have successfully leveraged the power of their Network membership.

Make no mistake: there have been many, many successful recruiters in the Network, and there are many right now. What these stories and case studies have basically illustrated is a blueprint for that success.

That’s because what has worked in the Network has largely NOT changed during the past 33+ years.

Success in TE is about more than just tools and resources; it’s about the proper mentality. It’s an attitude, and recruiters that have this attitude can excel in Top Echelon. They can excel regardless of their business model or the tools they choose to use.

Below are five ways to approach your Network membership the right way:

#1—DESIRE to make split placements.

Don’t view split placements with a “if it happens, great, if it doesn’t, whatever” attitude. Instead, recognize the value that split recruiting efforts provide for your business.

Have what’s called a “split frame of mind.” Half a loaf is better than no loaf at all. That’s the philosophy that the Network was built upon, and it’s the philosophy that guides it to this day.

#2—Work the way your partners work.

Recognize that every relationship is different and every recruiter works differently. Move in tandem with your split partners during the recruiting process, bobbing and weaving when they bob and weave.

They like to talk on the phone every day? Every other day? Then that’s what you do. The result? More split placements and more money.

#3—Invest in your relationships.

A split partner relationship is like any other relationship that you have. You can’t neglect it and expect it to continue to “bear fruit,” so to speak. You must invest in it and cultivate it.

That means staying in contact with your split partners, sharing job orders and candidates, and even sharing stories from your days in the recruiting trenches. Recruiters who invest in their split partner relationships make more splits. It’s as simple as that.

#4—Seek out new split partners.

You can’t have enough good, solid split partner relationships and you never know who you can split with. Placements often come from surprising places, and those placements can result in a relationship that eventually produces multiple deals.

Active Participation (one of the Four Pillars of our recruiting network) is the best way to seek out new partners. That means posting your jobs, posting your candidates, and using the Network Candidates recruiter database.

#5—Look for opportunities to make splits.

We’ve come full circle (see #1). There are recruiters who miss out on split placement opportunities simply because they’re not looking for them.

Having the desire to make splits means actively looking for opportunities to make them. Words are meaningless without action to back them up.

Are there more than five ways to approach your Top Echelon Network membership the right way? Of course there are.

But the five ways outlined above are shared by many top producers in the Network. They’ve been used by recruiters to make split placements during the past 30+ years, and they’ll be used to make splits during the next 30 years.

The question is this: how do YOU approach your Top Echelon split network membership?

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