5 Reasons Carol Martin is the Recruiter of the Week in TE!

At Top Echelon, we like to recognize recruiters for their production in the Network, especially those recruiters who “fly below the radar.”

These are the recruiters who don’t necessarily win awards year after year, but they’re loved by their Trading Partners and they exemplify everything that the Network is about and was founded upon over 27 years ago.

One of the ways we like to recognize these recruiters is in The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog, specifically in our “Recruiter of the Week” feature.  Once again, this feature is primarily reserved (although not exclusively) for those recruiters who are “flying below the radar” but are still enjoying a considerable amount of success.

This week, the recruiter we’re recognizing for their production and performance in Top Echelon’s Recruiting Network is Carol Martin, CPC of Martin Management, Inc.

Below are five reasons why Carol is the Recruiter of the Week in the Network:

#1She’s consistent.

Carol made seven placements in the Network in 2014, and she’s already made four placements this year.  If every Top Echelon recruiter matched those production totals, we’d throw a ticker-tape parade.

#2She’s all about Quality.

Quality is one of The Four Pillars of Top Echelon Network, and judging by the comments by her Trading Partners listed below, Carol infuses the entire placement process with Quality.  That includes the candidates she shares and the communication she has with other TE recruiters.

#3—This is her second stint in TE.

Carol was a Preferred Member recruiter once before.  She quit, but then she came back and hit the ground running.  We almost always welcome recruiters back into the Network, especially those who have a history of production and leave on good terms.

#4She’s an excellent exporter.

Carol has had the candidate in all 34 of her placements in Top Echelon Network.  (She had both the candidate and the job order in one of her earlier placements, back in the days of Top Echelon’s old job posting service.)  Carol has honed her abilities as an exporter and continues to hone them—and the result is more placements!

#5She’s a CPC.

Although being a Certified Personnel Consultant (CPC) is NOT a prerequisite for being the Recruiter of the Week in TE, we place a high premium on continuous training within the recruiting industry.  We encourage all Top Echelon Network recruiters to pursue this certification, as well as the Certified Temporary Specialist (CTS) and the Certified Employment Retention Specialist (CERS).

So congratulations to Carol Martin from everybody here at Top Echelon!  We’d like to thank her for her hard work and commitment as a Preferred Member recruiter in the Network.

— — —

Carol Martin, CPC of Martin Management, Inc.

Carol Martin, CPC

Pat McCombs, CPC of KB Search Team, LLC

Pat McCombs, CPC

“This is my first split with Carol.  Her candidate was awesome!  He had four offers!  I hope Carol and I can do many more splits in the future.  Thanks, Carol!”

Submitted by Pat McCombs of KB Search Team, LLC regarding her Network split placement with Carol Martin, CPC of Martin Management, Inc.


Fee Percentage—23%

(Editor’s note: This is the first Network split placement that McCombs and Martin have made together in Top Echelon.)

— — —

Therese Eckhoff of TriVista Professional Placement Services

Therese Eckhoff

“I value the exceptional assistance from Carol on overcoming a competing offer and completing this placement.”

Submitted by Therese Eckhoff of TriVista Professional Placement Services, Inc. regarding her Network split placement with Carol Martin, CPC of Martin Management, Inc.


Fee Percentage—Flat Fee recruiting percentage

(Editor’s note: This is the second Network split placement that Eckhoff and Martin have made together in Top Echelon.)

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