3 Reasons We Want Your Recruiter Referrals for TE

For years in Top Echelon, we held an annual “Network Membership Drive,” one that few Network recruiters probably remember. Back in the day, that drive consisted of our hard copy Networking News newsletter that was mailed to 20,000 recruiting agency owners.

However, that was when print marketing was all the rage. In this digital age, print marketing is NOT all the rage.

But besides that, over the many years that we’ve been in business, we’ve discovered one indisputable truth. Well, we’ve discovered many such truths, but we’ve discovered one in particular that relates to seeking out new Network recruiters.

That truth is this:

The best way to get new members in Top Echelon Network who value quality and integrity is to ask for recruiter referrals from current members in Top Echelon Network who also value quality and integrity.

From that indisputable truth springs three reasons why we want your referrals for membership in Top Echelon’s split network:

1.) If you’re the type of recruiter we want in the Network, then chances are good that you know other recruiters who we also want in the Network.

2.) Recruiters you feel comfortable working with already are more than likely good candidates for membership.

3.) Trust is one of The Four Pillars of Top Echelon Network, and it might be the most important one. We trust you as Network members . . . and we trust you to refer other recruiters we can also trust.

In addition, we are more than willing to PAY for your referrals. Once your referral applies for membership and is accepted, we will credit your agency’s account $150. (Yes, that is more than your agency’s monthly membership dues. Minus any brokerage fee you owe us, of course.)

If you have a recruiting agency in mind that you think would be a good fit for Network membership, please send their agency name, the name of the owner, and their contact information to info@topechelon.com.

Keep in mind that we also have a referral program in place for Top Echelon’s recruiting software. Keep in mind that the referral fee for our ATS is the same as the Network: $150.

To submit those referrals, once again send an email with the pertinent information to info@topechelon.com.

We want your recruiter referrals! And we want to PAY you for them!

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