3 ‘Dos’ and 2 ‘Don’ts’ for the Candidate Recruiter

Last month, I blogged about the six things you should find out from a candidate before sending that candidate to a split recruiting partner.

In this blog post, I’ll be further exploring the placement process. Specifically, I’ll be exploring, the “give and take” between candidate recruiters and job order recruiters and the Pillar of Quality.

It’s imperative that Quality is part of this process at all levels. Both recruiters are responsible for keeping up “their end of the bargain.”

3 candidate recruiter ‘dos’

If you’re the candidate recruiter, now that you have (theoretically) found out six things about the candidate, there are three more things you should do before sending the candidate to your split network partner. Those three things are as follows:

1. Make sure that the candidate actually has experience with all of the requirements listed in the job description. If the candidate’s resume does not detail experience with those requirements and they actually have that experience, ask the candidate to update their resume to accurately reflect that.

2. Keep notes regarding your conversation with the candidate, including why you think they’re a good fit for the position. Basically, do exactly what you would do when submitting a candidate to one of your clients.

3. After sending the candidate to your trading partner, reach out to them. Ask if they received the candidate’s resume and then ask if they need you to help with anything else. The job order recruiter should provide direction at that point.

2 candidate recruiter ‘don’ts’

Now that I’ve presented three “Do’s” for the candidate recruiter during the split placement process, below are two “Don’ts.”

1. Do NOT give the candidate the job order recruiter’s contact information.

2. If the job order recruiter provides a valid reason as to why your candidate is not a fit for the position, do NOT argue or try to “push” the candidate on the job order recruiter.

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