15 Ways Attending the 2015 TE Convention Can Benefit You

It certainly looks as though attendance for the upcoming 2015 Top Echelon Network National Convention will be the highest it’s been in the past several years.

We’re encouraged by this fact, because we believe it means that the nation’s economic recovery is increasing (after a slow start) and Top Echelon recruiters are making networking and split placements more of a priority on their desks.

However, if you haven’t registered yet, we want you to attend!  And one of the ways we’re showing our desire to see you is by offering the lowest price for a TE Convention that we’ve ever offered: $295 per person.

However, that price is only good through the end of the Early Bird Registration period, and the end of Early Bird is this Friday, March 27.  So that means you only have a few days to take advantage of this special rate!

Register for the 2015 National Convention!

However, we also acknowledge that people always want to know “what’s in it for them,” and that’s certainly understandable.  With that in mind, below are 15 ways that you can benefit from the 2015 Top Echelon Network National Convention:

1. Find other recruiters who work in your niche.

2. Learn advanced searching techniques for LinkedIn.

3. Trade hot job orders and candidates with other recruiters.

4. Learn best practices for job posting.

5. See Trading Partners you haven’t seen in a while.

6. Learn the BEST “Candidate Sourcing Secrets.”

7. Learn more about the Big Biller recruiting software.

8. Learn more about the all-new MEGA Database.

9. Solicit advice from other Network recruiters.

10. Learn how to offer contract staffing to your clients.

11. Learn how to make “Your Next Top Echelon Network Placement.”

12. Learn how to make “More Money in Top Echelon.”

13. Hone your networking techniques and create placement opportunities.

14. Enjoy the city of Atlanta and see the sights!

15. Relax, have a good time, and “recharge” before going back to the office.

Are there more than 15 ways?  There are, but this is a good number considering the fact that this is the 2015 National Convention.  Not only that, but do you really need more than 15 reasons to attend?  (Would you attend if we had . . . 16?)

This year’s convention is scheduled for Tuesday, April 14, and Wednesday, April 15, and the location is the Embassy Suites Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta, Georgia.

It’s the first time that we’ve ever held a TE Convention in Atlanta, and we’re looking forward to being there.

And seeing YOU there, as well!

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