10 Reasons to Love the National Convention AND Atlanta!

The 2015 Top Echelon Network National Convention will be here before you know it . . . because it always gets here before we know it!

Actually, the dates of this year’s convention are Tuesday, April 14, and Wednesday, April 15.  The location is the Embassy Suites Centennial Park in Atlanta, Georgia.

This is the first time that we’ve held a National Convention in Atlanta, and we’re excited about the potential and the possibilities that the venue holds.  In fact, we have an article from CNN.com that presents “6 Reasons to Love Atlanta.”

Those reasons are as follows:

  1. The food is fantastic.
  2. The music is excellent, too.
  3. Neighborhoods make the city.
  4. The history is groundbreaking.
  5. The arts reach beyond big-city museums.
  6. And there are places to visit on foot.

The article goes into detail to describe all that the city offers, including attractions like the Georgia Aquarium, the College Football Hall of Fame, and the World of Coca-Cola.

Let’s not forget restaurants such as Gunshow, FLIP Burger, The Spence, Empire State South, The Optimist, and No. 246.  And those are just for starters.

I encourage you to read the CNN.com article, and of course, I also encourage you to attend the National Convention.  In fact, below are four reasons why you’ll love the convention:

  1. You can network with other recruiters in your niche and gain new Trading Partners.
  2. You can see current Trading Partners that you haven’t seen in a while and reconnect, spend time together, and have fun.
  3. Keynote speaker Shally Steckerl is going to share his latest and greatest candidate sourcing tips.
  4. Top Echelon’s Todd Bossler, Hannah Laps, Drea Codispoti, and Debbie Fledderjohann will show you how to leverage the resources in the Network to make more placements this year.

So that’s 10 reasons overall!  (Actually, there are more than 10, but 10 is a nice, round number.)

Remember, this is the lowest price we’ve ever offered for a National Convention, and you can sign up in the Members’ Area.

We hope that you’ll join us in Atlanta.  We’d LOVE to see you there.

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