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The foundation of Top Echelon Network’s recruiting network are the Network Policies. Perhaps the most important policy is the “But For Rule.”

The rule is simple: But for what piece of information caused me to act?” This rule can be applied to many recruiting scenarios, including candidate ownership, placement fees and policies, and candidate and job order referrals.

In this issue of The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog, I’d like to present some important Network Policies. Now of course, all of the Network Policies are important. However, these revolve around the “But For Rule.” And that makes them particularly important.

So brush up on these Policies and make sure to apply them to your dealings within the Network.

Perusing Network Policies

Policy #8—Duplicate Candidates in the Network

Top Echelon strives to prevent Network members from distributing duplicate candidates, thereby eliminating the questions about whose candidate to honor.  When in question, the question to ask is But for what act would the agency have the desire to pursue the candidate?” Or simply put, “What caused the action to occur?”

Policy #9a—Candidate Ownership with Respect to Time

When determining how long a recruiter owns a candidate, refer to the “But For Rule.” If a member receives a candidate from another recruiter in the Network, but doesn’t work with that candidate until a year later, then the recruiter should split the placement fee with the originating member who first brought the candidate to their attention. But for what piece of information caused me to act?”

Policy #9b—Candidate Ownership with Direct Hire

Top Echelon urges both recruiters to break the chain of communication with a placed candidate for a period of no less than 18 months. The placement fee is received, the guarantee period has been satisfied, and the candidate has become established in their new position. Thereafter, going forward, the candidate may work with a recruiter of their choice, as any future transaction is considered a “new beginning.”

Policy #11—Placement Fees, Refunds, Guarantees, and Replacements

Network members should never be surprised by a fee percentage, refund, guarantee, replacement, or fall-off policy, as the fee schedule must be agreed upon in writing by both agencies prior to extending the offer to the candidate. The candidate recruiter is to honor these policies that the job order recruiter executes with the client.

Policy #15a—Honoring a Candidate Referral

Once a recruiter accepts and acknowledges acceptance of candidate information from another Network member, they must honor that candidate referral no matter if they later determine they “already had the candidate.” “What caused the action to occur?”

Policy #15b—Honoring a Job Order Referral

Once a recruiter accepts and acknowledges acceptance of a job order from another Network member, they must honor that job order referral no matter how (or when) they later “receive” that job order on their own. The “But For Rule” states, “But for what piece of information caused me to act?”

Although we cover Top Echelon Network’s Policies with all new agency owners, we ask that agency owners be sure to share these Policies with those in their agency who are active members of the Network.

Thank you all for your cooperation!

Last week in The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog, we invited you to follow Top Echelon Software on LinkedIn.

And sure, LinkedIn has been around for nearly two decades, but are you using LinkedIn to your full advantage? LinkedIn can be about more than just sourcing candidates. (Although I must admit, that is pretty important.)

With Top Echelon’s LinkedIn Group, Recruiting Tips and Training, recruiters can connect and share advice with other recruiters. Think of it as a space where you can share your recruiting experience and simultaneously learn from others. Not bad, eh?

We invite you to join this group and share blog posts you’ve written or ones that you’ve found on the Internet (about recruiting, of course). Also, be sure to read what others have contributed.

Currently, our Recruiting Tips and Training Group on LinkedIn has over 1,000 members, with more people joining all the time!

You like recruiting tips? You like us?

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At Top Echelon, we’re always looking for more ways to help the Network’s recruiters make more placements. The good news for us is that those recruiters are the ones who show us HOW they make more placements!

We’ve been running our “‘Comments’ and Compliments” feature for years in the newsletter, namely because it’s so popular.

Network recruiters love to be recognized for making placements. They also love to recognize their split recruiting partners for a job well done.

However, there is a dual benefit to this newsletter feature. When recruiters submit these comments and compliments, they also provide a blueprint for how to be successful in TE.

So not only have we been publishing this feature, but we’ve also been compiling these best practices. Ultimately, they serve as an excellent blueprint for all Network members.

Based on countless placements over the years, below are four things that absolutely lead to more placements in Top Echelon’s recruiting network:


This refers to the accuracy of the candidates supplied by the candidate recruiter to the job order recruiter based upon the job description. The more accurate the candidates, the more likely that one of them will be a fit for the position.

Therein lies the true value of a split network. It’s the ability to source candidates that you aren’t able to source through other means.


This refers to how quickly the candidate recruiter is able to provide help during the hiring process. So it’s not just about the quality of the candidates. It’s also about how quickly you can get access to those candidates.

A great candidate doesn’t do much good if you present them to a hiring manager after the position has already been filled. As everybody knows, “Time kills all deals.”


This refers to the “give-and-take” of a solid trading partner relationship in Top Echelon Network. In such a relationship, the recruiters not only like working with each other, but they also work well together.

One of the overlooked aspects of split placements is that recruiters can “tag-team” a placement. This means that they share the duties and responsibilities, making the process easier for both parties.


While this might be a foregone conclusion for some recruiters, it should not be overlooked. Striking a professional chord is integral to navigating the ups and downs of the placement process and arriving at a successful conclusion.

When you conduct business in a thoroughly professional fashion, you overcome challenges and more easily eliminate obstacles to placement success.

If you have questions about how to maximize your Top Echelon Network membership and make more splits, I urge you to contact Director of Network Operations Drea Codispoti, CPC/CERS.

You can do so by calling 330.455.1433, x156 or by sending an email to

Believe it or not, the Thanksgiving holiday is already here!

As always, it seems as though Thanksgiving kind of “snuck up” on us this year. (Wasn’t it just Labor Day? Wasn’t Halloween last week?)

And along with this holiday, of course, come our Top Echelon holiday hours.

The Top Echelon offices will be closed on Thursday, November 26, and Friday, November 27. These hours apply to:

The Top Echelon offices will re-open as usual at 8 a.m. on Monday, November 30.

I know I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: we at Top Echelon are thankful for ALL of you as customers.

We enjoy working and talking with you on a daily basis, and we’re glad that we can contribute to the health and well being of your recruiting agencies.

So please travel safely this week (if you ARE traveling this year), make sure you eat too much turkey and stuffing . . . and of course, pumpkin pie.

Happy Thanksgiving!

If you’ve been a member of Top Echelon’s recruiter network for any length of time, you’ve probably noticed how often Network members like to compliment each other. (Namely because we publish those compliments in The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog.)

Keep in mind that the compliments in The Pinnacle are not ALL of the compliments that we receive at the Top Echelon offices. There simply isn’t enough room for all of them. However, we publish as many as we can, because they show the value that the Network offers to recruiters and how much they enjoy experiencing that value.

In fact, there are three main reasons why TE recruiters love to compliment each other:

#1—To celebrate a completed placement

When you enjoy success, you should celebrate that success, and that’s absolutely true with split placements. It takes a concerted effort consisting of teamwork, patience, and persistence to get the job done. After all, these are placements that more than likely would NOT have been made without the participation of both recruiters.

#2—To recognize a job well done

Making a split placement is just half the story; making it well is the other half. When trading partners go “above and beyond” to help close a deal, TE recruiters feel compelled to recognize their partners’ efforts. It’s a celebration of not only success, but also a celebration of the performance that led to that success.

#3—To nurture a trading partner relationship

Obviously, the recruiter who is complimenting their trading partner would like to make more placements with that partner in the future.

Complimenting them on a public forum and recognizing their performance is a way to let their trading partner know that their efforts are appreciated. People who know that their efforts are appreciated by somebody are more likely to want to work with that somebody again.

If you’ve made a placement with another Network recruiter and you’d like to compliment them for their efforts, simply include your remarks with the Completed Placement form when you submit it. You can also send an email to

Director of Network Operations Drea Codispoti, CPC/CERS is in charge of helping TE recruiters reach their full potential and make more placements.

You can reach him by calling 330.455.1433, x156 or by sending an email to